British Honeymooners Pay Record Price for NZ Wine

This in from the TVNZ . I wonder how much they spent on the wedding?


 British Honeymooners Pay Record Price for NZ Wine

Shall we break the bank on this one darling?

A British honeymoon couple from Hong Kong have paid what is believed to be a record price for a bottle of New Zealand wine. 

They shelled out $1000 for a bottle of Gibbston Valley Wines’ world champion 2000 Pinot Noir at Gantley’s Restaurant near Queenstown.

Now a rare find, the standard 750ml bottle came highly recommended at the restaurant, where there are only four or five bottles of the treasured drop remaining.

Restaurant co-owner Brent Rands told the Southland Times the last bottle he sold was last year for $750 and with very few bottles remaining he increased the price to $1000 in January.

“I thought it’s getting so scarce now, if it’s gonna go, it’s gonna go…”

Gibbston Valley Wines managing director Mike Stone says the wine’s latest feat “felt pretty good”.

“To the best of my knowledge it’s the first (750ml) bottle by a New Zealand producer that’s ever sold for $1000.”

The wine sold at the cellar door for just $65 eight years ago, Stone says.

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  1. Lee May 14, 2009 at 04:58 #

    New Zealand wine varieties and particular brands have been key player for a number of years by delivering great wine, not suprising that they are now challenging the vintage monopoly of Old World Wines.

    I suspect ‘sacre bleu’ was pro-claimed by some of the old stalwarts. Good maybe some their supreme vintages, might be attainable for the rest of us.

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