6 litre bottle of 1961 Latour sells for £135,000

In these austere times London’s auction houses must be thanking their lucky tax havens for the new wave of Chinese buyers. The Chateau Latour 1961 was sold at Christies for £135,000. The latest absurdity to come from the land of the rising Renminbi is a purchase that represents more than five times the average UK […]

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Who Madoff with all the wine? Bernie did!!

Bernie Madoff is a crook who made off with billions of dollars from charities, banks, actors, media moguls and so called financial guru’s. Last week his wine and spirits collection was auctioned off for $41,530, with all proceeds going to a support fund for those he conned out of money. There were 59 lots in […]

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Tesco wine chief hoists himself by his own petard. Ouch.

Wineoftheweek returned from an enforced absence this week wondering how we might resume hostilities in the war against vinous pomposity. So a big thank you for @HarpersWine for this magnificent tweet from last weeks London Wine Fair. It seems that Tesco’s Dan Jago thinks that Naked Wines’ Rowan Gormley is Nigel Farage. Just so we […]

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Oddbins farewell to the web…

In these difficult times, we’re all used to passing by ‘closed down’ stores on our high streets. Here is what a closed down online shop looks like. Poor old Oddbins.

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Professor Richard Wiseman proves wine drinkers are an ignorant bunch

Professor Richard Wiseman, author of Quirkology and other popular science books that expose the frailities of human perception, has lead a study to show wine drinkers can’t distinguish cheap wine from expensive. The experiment, at the Edinburgh Science Festival, challenged 578 members of the public to distinguish between the good stuff and £5 bottles for […]

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The Telegraph sneers at Alex Ferguson’s choice of wine

Last week Sir Alex Ferguson revealed his thoughts about wine to the Italian Newspaper Gazetto dello Sport. Sir Alex is a well know oenophile but is a primarily a football manager and therefore did not deserve the sneering snobbery of the wine critic Victoria Moore in the Daily Telegraph. Here’s what Sir Alex had to […]

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The wine thieves of Westminster still at large

Beware if you are in the pub and spill the pint of Tom Docherty, the Labour MP. He may not take too kindly to it and, possibly, have you imprisoned under anti-terrorism laws. Feeling dirty and degraded already, WineOfTheWeek continues its trawl through the pages of The Sunday Mail to bring you all the news […]

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Fake Jacobs Creek: Could you spot the difference?

Staying with the communist block, we follow up our recent story of the Chinese being duped by fake wines, to the Chinese doing the duping. The Sunday Mail, never one to miss the dastardly deeds of J. Foreigner, reports on fake Chinese bottles of Jacob’s Creek lining the shelves of Britain’s off-licences, selling at the […]

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Georgia in dispute with US over Stalin’s Favourite Wine

Uncle Joe Stalin liked the wine called Khvanchkara so much that he is reported to have served it to Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill at the World War II summit in Yalta in 1945. Now, 66 years later, Georgia is at war with the United States in a battle to win back the trademark for […]

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Matt Damon refused wine at his local store

In this bizarre story, Matt Damon tells how his local store in New York refused to sell him a case of wine as a result of a dodgy credit card. Nice to know that the rich and famous also have issues with banks. What he doesn’t mention is the name of the $100 a bottle […]

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